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How confident are you about the economy this season, and have you delayed adding a new attraction as a result?

Jerome Gibas, Kennywood, USA (pictured): It’s been our experience the economy will always fluctuate, but weather continues to be a more defining factor in any given summer. In preparation for the 2010 season, we have already invested millions of dollars in our new launch coaster, Sky Rocket, which will be ready this summer.

Dimtri Kontoyiannis, Allou! Fun Park, Greece: In Greece the big problems hit the country in October last year, but the world crisis started in 2008. In the meantime we did a 2 million euro investment. We also lowered our prices two years ago, before the crisis really hit, and have free entrance, which helps. Up to now we have not felt any impact. We had a very good winter, we were up year on year, and right now I am very optimistic for the summer. We are investing again and will launch a new attraction in June, but I don’t what to say what because we are finalising the contract and I am playing on price!

Chris Deere, Rainbow’s End, New Zealand:
Although we have noticed a moderate downturn we have continued to invest in our park with our most recent addition being the Invader, a Zamperla Disk ‘O’ Coaster, which opened in December. We will continue to track attendance levels but have further capital investment planned over the next couple of years on both new attractions and re-vamping of existing attractions.

Rob Norris, Seabreeze, USA: We are “cautiously optimistic” about the 2010 season. We are currently installing a Zamperla Mega Disk ‘O’ ans look forward to strong walk-in attendance. Our only concern is with the corporate outing segment of our business. It was off in ’09 and shows signs of continued weakness for 2010. Hopefully the sun will shine and we will celebrate a great 132nd season!

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