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Honey, I shrunk the amusement park! 1,000 sq ft (93 sq m) replica of Cincinnati’s historic Coney Island Amusement Park has opened as part of the model train exhibit at EnterTRAINment Junction in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Built from scratch, the model features miniature working rides from the park’s past, such as the Shooting Star, Lost River, Ferris Wheel, Flying Rockets, Tumblebug, Wild Mouse, Sky Ride, Lake Como train ride, Turnpike and Carousel. There is even a working trolley line with running trolleys stopping at Coney’s parking lot. Built in 1:24 scale, the Shooting Star rollercoaster alone is 40ft (12m) long, while the Ferris Wheel stands almost 4ft tall.

Top right: Entertainment Junction’s Don Oeters surveys the model with Vic Nolting, president of Cincinnati’s Coney Island

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