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Holovis partners with Sangwha for Gyro VR experiences

Technology experience designer Holovis has partnered with Korean digital agency and manufacturer Sangwha as the exclusive European reseller for its Gyro VR motion systems and an innovation partner for future developments. This has begun with the collaborative creation of a Holovis global exclusive, a specialist 2-DOF Gyro VR for spaces with ceiling heights of less than 2.2 metres with bespoke middleware and the ability to add interactivity into the experience.

Gyro VR is a 360-degree spinning rig that takes guests on thrilling journeys in the VR space whilst performing complete rotations. Holovis is working with Sangwha to extend the guest experience even further through the development of proprietary middleware that will allow the Holvois engineers to programme bespoke motion paths to match new IP led content being created by the Holovis media team.

Furthermore, Holovis will add interactivity into the functionality. Media will be rendered in real-time, so even though each journey will follow a set path, guests have the ability to alter things in the virtual world, so they have their own individual variation of the experience. These customisable adventures will drive ride repeatability.

The system currently holds up to four guests and Holovis is also developing a two seat variable, whilst still performing full inversions in the pitch and roll axis. This will bring the overall height to 2.2 metres, making the system compatible with spaces where ceiling heights are restricted.

Peter Cliff, creative director, Holovis said: “We are very excited about the ability to give guests real-time interaction and customised experiences within an on-rails environment. The new variation for spaces with ceiling heights of 2.2 metres or less will also open up more market sectors and possibilities for this fantastic experience.”

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