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Holovis’ Li-Fly lifts off

Holovis’ latest turn-key attraction, Li-Fly is set to “re-volve” the traditional flying theatre experience by taking guests out of their seats and into the air as if really flying. The attraction is scalable and completely multisensory, combining visuals, audio, synched motion, SFX, and real-time media, connected to innovative data capture mechanics, which measure guest reactions and take them on a personalised journey.

Li-Fly uses a uniquely developed 5-DOF motion system that securely hold up to 100 guests tilted into a prone position before elevating them over a highly immersive, ultra-high-resolution dome screen to deliver the single most compelling and completely unique flying experience ever created.

A multi-projector array in the dome is aligned, geometrically setup and colour matched using Holovis’s proprietary PixControl solution, a laser-based auto-alignment system that ensures the projected images are pixel perfect. Additionally, the system is simple to operate for non-technical staff, ensuring image quality everyday of operation.

For audio immersion, the Holovis Hifiniti immersive dome audio solution surrounds each guest with a 7:2 shower of directional sound and audio effects. Crossfades between multiple asynchronous audio tracks are also programmed to give smooth transitions between scenes and key creative triggers in the real-time media.

“We have advanced this popular attraction format from a traditional passive lean-back experience into an active one that actually delivers true sensations of flying,” said Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis. “Furthermore, our real-time media capability gives guests the ability to control their journey. Using our Extended Experience technology and park-wide gamification solutions, the entire attraction can be connected to the wider park experience giving guests agency over their journey through the decisions they make or paths they choose to take, and the world around them reacts differently each time, every time they fly!”

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