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HOLOGATE WORLD – Grand opening of immersive entertainment venue

HOLOGATE, a global market leader in immersive location-based entertainment opened the doors of its first state-of-the-art 1,200 m² extended reality entertainment franchise location, HOLOGATE WORLD FLAIR.

Located at the new and modernised 22,000 m² FLAIR Fürth urban experience center in Fürth, Germany, HOLOGATE WORLD was met with high praise by representatives of the press and enthusiastic first-time visitors, followed by the space being fully booked with a capacity crowd to round out the week.

HOLOGATE’s CEO and founder, Leif Petersen, said: “HOLOGATE WORLD was an amazing accomplishment. We had only broken ground at the beginning of 2021 and tight COVID restrictions were still in place, so to see our grand opening happen less than a year later was a remarkable feat. This couldn’t have been done without the amazing efforts of Michael Peter, his P&P Group, and the entire HOLOGATE team.”

Petersen added: “I am so proud of the HOLOGATE family.Every member of the team knew the tremendous and unwavering effort it would require from each of them and they all delivered!”

Petersen feels that Germany is primed for change and open to embrace progressive entertainment, gaming, virtual reality and esports as the future and one of the most important building blocks for retail environments.

 Petersen said,HOLOGATE is here to demonstrate that social play, escapes from reality, and creating powerful long-lasting memories of good times with friends and family and always exceeding guest expectations is the key to stimulating this change.

In addition to food, drink, and many of HOLOGATE’s successful VR experiences such as ‘ARENA’ and ‘BLITZ’, HOLOGATE WORLD will be featuring two brand new products, HOLOGATE X, its next-gen free roaming VR adventure platform, and ‘HYPER GOLF’, their fusion of miniature golf and digital arcade experience.

‘X’ and ‘HYPER GOLF’ will be available for global distribution later this year.



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