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Hollywood’s Magic Castle’s IP comes to China

Novaex has obtained an IP licence from Hollywood’s Magic Castle, granting the company permission to use the magic-themed IP in a variety of indoor and outdoor projects, entertainment centres, and hotels in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Jeson Zheng, CEO of Novaex, and Milt Larsen, founder of the Magic Castle, attended the signing ceremony that took place in Beijing, marking the first time that The Hollywood Magic Castle has licensed its property in any country outside the USA.

Novaex will first develop a Magic Castle project for its offline Internet community brand, The Circle, which brings together a five-star hotel resort, recreation and shopping, and VR, AR, MR, and 3D hologram projections. Additionally, Novaex plan to build a Magic School for children and teens under the MCI banner.

“We are looking forward to the creation of this first project together with NOVAEX that will showcase the over 55-year legacy of The Magic Castle and the long history of magic in China,” said Milt Larsen at the launch event.

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