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Hersheypark’s new dark ride comes to light

The worlds of chocolate (and peanut butter) and roller coasters are coming together in Hersheypark, Pennsylvania, as the park plans to introduce Reese’s Cupfusion in summer 2019. Manufactured by Sally Corporation, with the design elements being handled by Raven Sun Creative, Reese’s Cupfusion will feature multi-level game player technology.

“We are thrilled to announce the one-of-a-kind gaming attraction that is Reese’s Cupfusion,” said Kevin Stumpf, VP of sports & attractions at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. “We pride ourselves on creating unique and memorable family experiences that can only be enjoyed at Hersheypark and this new attraction will do just that.”

Riders will be treated to a sensory experience during the ride, and get to play an interactive family game throughout the attraction with multiple ways to earn points. Riders become Agent Trainees at Reese’s Central, a futuristic factory that runs on Reese’s Spirit. At the heart of Reese’s Central is the legendary Crystal Cup, which collects and amplifies the love of chocolate and peanut butter to create Cupfusion Energy that powers the factory.

As a Reese’s Agent Trainee, it’s the guests’ mission to protect the Crystal Cup and ensure that the factory keeps running under the guidance of Commander Cup, a new character to be introduced in 2019. Other new characters like Mint the Merciless and The League of Misfit Candy are always around the corner trying to steal the Crystal Cup for their own “evil” purposes. Guests can unlock additional features and try to beat their score with every ride to become a Reese’s Legend in the Hall of Fame.

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