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Havoc in West Edmonton

Canada’s West Edmonton Mall, he largest shopping mall in North America and the tenth largest in the world, has welcomed it’s newest attraction; Havoc. The Moser Ride manufactured thrill stands over 46ft tall and weighs 125,000 pounds, and sends riders through the air on three independent axes of rotation.

Havoc’s changes in acceleration range from +2.4 G’s to -1.8 G’s, and riders who brave the camouflage-themed attraction will encounter a wide range of ride sequences, speeds, and elements including unforgiving stalls and inverted suspensions.

Havoc is the first permanent installation of its kind in North America, and is one of only three models currently in operation around the world. The ride, manufactured exclusively by Moser Rides under the model name Space Trainer, is a taller 30-seat variation of its predecessor – the Soriani & Moser Topstar Tour – which had originally debuted in the 1990’s. North Americans may recognize Havoc as being similar to the 40-seat ‘G-Force’ attraction which had toured the continent with Conklin Shows up until 2004; two other prominent European models still operate to this day under the ‘Transformer’ and ‘Predator’ monikers.

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