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Has your attraction got the X-factor?

Amusement operators visiting the Euro Attractions Show (EAS) in Amsterdam later this month are being issued with a challenge by a group of Dutch exhibitors: face the “X-perience” jury and get some free advice in return.

The six companies are coming together to host the “Focus on Young” booth at EAS (stand 703), where they will ask critical questions about a proposed attraction or activity and provide a TV talent show style assessment.

The aim of the X-perience jury, which will assemble on Wednesday, September 30, will be to assess whether the ideas presented have the “X-Factor” needed to become a success. The specialists will add their insight on design, guest experience, marketing and merchandise. The participating companies comprise the following:

Ovaal speelconcepten designs and builds playground environments.

Dynamic Concepts is a consultancy dedicated to researching optimising the visitor experience.

Hester Kloosterboer’s company The SMILE of Experience offers concept design, masterplanning, storyline development and production, plus direction and programming of the final experience.

JN Entertainment & Leisure Consultancy, owned by Jeroen Nijpels, deals project development and management, sales and marketing. The company is also an agent for Zierer and 3DBA.

Imagic designs theme park characters, logos and concepts.

Del Dracco Entertainment specialises in the creation and production of Halloween, Christmas and many other themed parades, costumes and entertainment.

The X-perience jury will be available from 1300-1600 on September 30 at the RAI in Amsterdam. Go on, see what they have to say about your idea or attraction!

Focus on Young is a Dutch network of young professionals working in the leisure business across various disciplines, some as owners of their own companies, others working for attraction or suppliers. The total currently group consists of around 40 members, who host an informal diner quarterly. They will also be staging an international dinner ahead of EAS on Monday night, October 28.


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