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Hard Rock goes Freestyle

Myrtle Beach park embraces all music styles

Freestyle Music Park is the new name for the former Hard Rock Park, which reopnes this May in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It represents new owner FPI MB Entertainment’s renewed vision and direction for the park in 2009 and beyond.

The theme park is now being positioned as a destination that embraces many styles of music including country, reggae, pop, disco, R&B and even Christian. FPI MBE says it plans to open additional attractions and entertainment venues around the world in the coming years under the Freestyle Park banner and the Myrtle Beach venue will act as the prototype and launch pad for these ventures.

“Choosing ‘Freestyle Music’ broadens the park’s appeal to an infinitely larger number of guests,” says Steve Baker, president of FPI MBE. “With Freestyle Music Park, we own the name, leaving us unencumbered by one specific brand.”

The re-naming came after a federal bankruptcy judge said the park’s founders retain rights to some of the creative elements. HRP Creative Services, established by the park’s former owner, had asked for a $500,000 annual licensing fee and 1.5% of gross revenues over $50 million for the initial creative investment in the park. FPI MBE then opted for a new name.

The new owners now plan to make several changes to the park. Many of the rides and restaurants are being rethemed, for example, and castings are taking place for new talent to star in Freestyle Music Park’s live entertainment offerings.

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