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Halvor Flowstone – Protector of the Cave

Halvor Flowstone, a 14-foot (4 m) tall troll, is the newest addition to the kid-friendly attractions at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Halvor means Defender of the Rock in Old Norse, and Flowstone is a cave formation that looks like melted cake icing or a frozen waterfall.


Legend has it that Halvor lived with his troll parents 150 feet (46 m) underneath the ground inside Glenwood Caverns until he was old enough to guard the treasures of King’s Row by himself. King’s Row is the most-highly decorated cave room in Colorado. After living alone for thousands of years, Halvor heard the sounds of laughter once the cave was open to tours. Eventually, he followed those sounds and made his way outside for the first time where he fell in love with the sun and the moon and the bright blue skies.


Halvor now serves as honorary Protector of the Cave from his home on the Iron Mountain Trail where he eagerly awaits opening day to make new friends. He’s comfortable seated, ready for kids of all ages to climb onto his feet, legs and lap—or to tickle his chin—and is always smiling for the camera.


            Halvor loves having his photo taken. Feel free to sit upon his lap, but please do not climb on his arms, back, shoulders or head as he may get damaged. Thank you for helping us to care for Halvor, as he cares for our caves!

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