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Halloween at Theme park Toverland: more dark magic than ever

Halloween started at theme park Toverland yesterday (12 October), with Halloween Days taking place during the entire autumn school holidays and Halloween Nights on eight evenings. These Halloween Nights are more spectacular than ever this year, with 100 scare actors, five scare zones, two haunted houses, a maze and a new walkthrough experience. A magical fireworks display at 22:45 marks the end of the nights. Thrilling Happy Halloween activities suitable for the whole family can be enjoyed on Halloween Days.
Halloween Nights
The Halloween Nights start at 18:30 with a terrifying parade after which the scare actors take possession of Toverland. There are four new Halloween experiences this year: walkthrough experience ‘The Witches Forest’ is one where daredevils enter the forest located at the edge of Toverland. During a 10-minute walk across misty winding footpaths they must try to stay out of the hands of sinister witches. A mad doll maker has found new accommodation in attraction Villa Fiasco. In this ghost house called ‘The Dollhouse’ he presents his lifelike doll collection. If you dare to go looking for a missing forest ranger in a dark forest, you may report to ghost house ‘Fear the Woods’. In a maze called ‘Trapped’ has a farming family fallen prey to a plague of rats. The exit of this feral maze can only be reached by those who are cleverer than the rats.
The successful scare zones Morgana’s Frozen Souls, Shadows of the Sea, Cirque, DesTroy and Fiesta de los Muertos return to Toverland this year. The latter receives a new fountain that fits perfectly with this Mexican feast of the dead. The Halloween Nights end with a spectacular fireworks display called ‘Discover Your Own Fear’, which depicts the battle between good and dark magic.
Halloween Days
Especially for the Halloween Days, fluttering ghosts, scary witches and countless pumpkins have taken up residence in the roofed theme area Land van Toos. A Halloween show called ‘The mystery of the ghost house’ is performed three times a day. It’s a show in which magic brothers Bertus and Jaapie experience a thrilling adventure. Visitors can also roam a spooky maze called ‘Griezel Labyrinth’, brew a magic potion together with the witches and have their fears measured by the mad professor Dr. Fool.
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