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Gröna Lund set to open the world’s second Sky Jump Ikaros

Standing 95 meters tall and tilting you more than 90 degrees before plummeting to the ground at 90 km/h, Ikaros is set to be one of the scariest white knuckle rides around, opening up at Gröna Lund – the 134 year old waterfront amusement park in Stockholm. The attraction will see riders sat with the usual over the shoulder restraints with their feet dangling high above the beautiful city of Stockholm, and then suddenly tilted into a totally horizontal position racing to the ground. Ikaros will become Gröna Lund’s 31st ride, with the park already boasting the most roller coasters per square meter in the world. The park is also home to one of the tallest StarFlyers in the world (Eclipse) and the tallest free fall tilt in Europe.

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