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Gipfel-Stürmer at Freizeitpark Ruhpolding

The Bavarian amusement park Freizeitpark Ruhpolding has a new rollercoaster, courtesy of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.

The ride is the German manufacturer’s first Shuttle Family Coaster and goes by the name Gipfel-Stürmer (“Summit Striker”).

As soon as the restraints close, the 14 riders are hoisted backwards up the first hill and, after a few seconds of waiting, the train rushes back down the hill, past the waiting guests in the station and through a wild course featuring banked curves, airtime and sudden changes of direction.

At the end of the course the train climbs a second hill, slows down and stops one more time. This time the riders will see nothing but the end of track and the sky as the train travels backwards throughout the remainder of the ride. Back in the station, magnetic brakes bring the train full of happy riders to a safe stop.

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