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Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium is actively promoting educational activities for the families

Colorful tropical fish drawings to spread the importance of the sea environment protection

Unfortunately, Coronavirus Emergency does not stop and, while the Institutions continue to invite people to stay at home, families are always looking for new activities to spend time together in a fun and educational way.

Gardaland Resort is therefore active on its social media channels and on its website to promote funny activities specifically designed for families and, in particular, for all the children staying home from school.

Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium – the themed Aquarium situated inside Gardaland Resort whose mission is to protect the sea environments – offers different activities for the little ones.

For example, from the aquarium’s website, in the “interactive ocean” section, it is possible to download drawings of different species of fish in order to color them, letting the imagination run wild.

The children can then store their drawings for a future visit at the Aquarium where they will have the possibility to bring the creations…to life! In the new “Interactive Ocean” room the children will put their drawings in a scanner and, thanks to a scanning technique, they will bring the colorful fish to life and have them join a huge virtual aquarium projected on the wall.

A similar activity is also available on the Instagram profile @gardalandsealife: in the featured stories “oceano interattivo” you can choose your favorite fish, take a screenshot, color the fish using the tools of the IG story and then share the creation by mentioning the profile of the Aquarium.

On the Aquarium’s Instagram page, children will also discover different fun facts on the species of fish they are coloring: the clown fish, for example, lives on the coral reefs in symbiosis with the sea anemones because it can survive the poison of their tentacles; however, its habitat is at risk due to pollution and the climate change.

During these difficult times especially, since people understand better the importance of protecting the environment, the mission of the Aquarium is for children to have fun while learning how to know, appreciate and respect the different species that populate our planet.

The trainers and aquarists are, of course, still taking care of the animals daily and in doing so, they enjoy sharing backstage videos. That is how cute and funny messages come to life, for example the one where the Sea Lions Leo, Honey and Davy Jones explain the correct hygienic and sanitary norms and how to respect them: avoid physical contact, keep your distance, use the elbow groove to sneeze and wash your hands very often.

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