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Game-changing innovation on Maurer’s Spike Racing Coaster

Maurer Rides was awarded the Brass Ring for Best New Product at the recent IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando for the development of the Spike Racing Coaster, which has several game-changing innovations…

The passenger sitting in front decides whether and when he wants to accelerate or not. Guests can interactively influence the ride with the throttle grip of a motorcycle. An additional boost function, whose ‘fill level’ is shown on a display in the vehicle, can be used for an additional kick. Even in the curves, one can accelerate individually, while in the control unit a minimum and maximum speed has been stored for each position on the track, in order to maintain maximum speeds in the curves on the one hand and to guarantee a minimum person throughput per hour on the other.

The vehicle’s own drive with a torque of 1050Nm can accelerate the vehicle up to 1.2g. The power of the drive is transmitted without slippage and with a high degree of efficiency via the gearwheel to the rack mounted on the rail. The vehicle is powered by a conductor rail attached to the track.

A feeling of freedom is created by the open seating position as on the motorcycle. The minimization to the essentials and the immediate sitting position on the rail gives the passenger the feeling of merging with the railways.

Maximum driving comfort and freedom of movement is achieved by the belt restraint system, in which a hip belt is sufficient for complete personal safety. The futuristic looking design includes a powerful front bonnet that embodies both tractive power and protection against the concentrated acceleration of the bike. In addition, this is the lowest seat position ever achieved on roller coasters. The splint between the legs and a feeling of freedom is one of pure energy, similar to that of a motorcycle.


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