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Gaia: The Living World

Seoul Grand Park is to enter a new phase by combining its amusement park, zoo and botanical garden into a single destination showcasing Korean heritage. The move is predicted to revitalise the attraction in the South Korean capital according to Thinkwell, the Californian company that will design it.

Gaia: The Living World will offer an entertainment and educational experience featuring more than 50 rides and attractions. Guests will be able to soar across South Korea’s wetlands among a flock of wild geese or swoop out of the sky at in a new flight simulator. Another attraction invites brave visitors to walk across a treetop canopy amidst animals of the forest. Adding to the experience will lush botanical gardens and traditional animal exhibits.

Seoul Grand Park is a 560-hectare facility that has provided an important entertainment and recreational function to the community for 30 years. The Seoul Metropolitan Government, however, was keen to improve this public space and position it as a regional and international tourist destination.

Thinkwell’s plans featured as part of an economic analysis spearheaded by AECOM. Also involved in transforming the park will be Ga-One Landscape Design, Group Han Associates and Bernard Harrison & Friends.

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