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Full track now in place for Efteling’s new family roller coaster: Max & Moritz

Efteling, the fairytale theme park in the Netherlands, has added the last two track sections for the new dual-tracked, family roller coaster, Max & Moritz. After attaching nearly 5,000 bolts and nuts, the 59th and 60th track sections have today been installed. This completes the two different track courses of the new ride, which includes the Max and the Moritz course.

Located on the spot where the Efteling classic Bob the bobsleigh ride once stood, two different tracks of 300 metres each can now be seen. Now that the courses are complete, work will begin on the Alpine landscape around the family roller coaster.

The Max & Moritz trains will arrive at a later date, while the station building will also be re-designed with its new theme.

From this spring, guests can get acquainted with the pranks of the naughty schoolboys Max and Moritz when they first experience the family roller coaster at Efteling.

Conservation and sustainability

As with all new construction projects within the World of Efteling, conservation and sustainability were important considerations when starting the construction of this new powered coaster.
Consequently, the ride and the station building will be heated without using gas.
The station building of the Bobsleigh has been partially preserved and during the renovation, sustainable FSC wood type Accoya has been used as the woodwork on the outside of the building. When the trains slow down, the energy released is fed back into the electricity grid. This is used to drive the roller coaster.

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