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Frontgrid reveals details of attendant-free VR attraction

With demand for group gaming experiences soaring as the entertainment economy re-opens, Frontgrid plans to help operators take advantage of the trend for competitive socialising with the development of a new, attendant-free virtual reality attraction: ParadropVR Pod.

ParadropVR Pod is the result of over 18 months focused research and development by Frontgrid, including the development of new multiplayer virtual reality flying games.

Visitors to IAAPA Expo in Orlando will be able to meet with the Frontgrid team and get the lowdown on ParadropVR Pod ahead of its official launch in Q1 next year.

Specifically designed for entertainment centres and arcades, ParadropVR Pod is a compact, attendant-free version of the ParadropVR attraction featured in world-leading indoor theme parks including Skytropolis at Genting Highlands Resort, VR Park Dubai and Universe Science Park.

Globally, Frontgrid says ParadropVR operators are reporting huge demand for group gaming and competitive socialising experiences. The recent announcement by Facebook has further stoked interest in multiplayer immersive experiences, with 2.62 million searches for the term ‘metaverse’ recorded in October 2021.

Benefits of the new ParadropVR pod for operators will include:

· Attendant-free: ParadropVR pod can be safely operated without an attendant, meaning lower operating costs

· Higher spend per visitor: new multiplayer games allow players to fly with friends in the same virtual environment, appealing to groups and boosting repeat rates

· Capitalise on growing demand for eSports: operators can capture a piece of the $1bn and growing market for esports and group gaming by organising competitions and events

· Compact design: ideal for smaller spaces and mobile installations, ParadropVR pod is portable and easy to move.

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