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Fourth Fantawild park promised in China

The multimedia attractions developer Hytechnology is planning to open its fourth Fantawild theme park in the Chinese city of Wuhu. The park is one of two new outlets scheduled to open in 2010 and will open in time for either the Chinese New Year (February) or National Day (October) holiday.

The 120-hectare park will include 12 key zones and attraction experiences including the Galaxy Plaza, Sky Sailor, Space Station, Space Tour, Dino Rampage, Journey Into Civilization, Solomon’s Seal, Conch Bay, Special Effects Studio, Mysterious West, Kid’s Zone and FunPlex. An animation park is planned as an eventual second gate.

“Traditional theme parks in China have rollercoasters, we prefer a more hi-tech approach,” says Hytechnology’s international marketing manager Joy Tarroja.

The Shenzhen-based supplier designs and manufactures many of its park’s own products. Existing Fantawild outlets can be found in Qiandao, Chengdu and Hantao and the ultimate plan is for a national chain of 10 to 15 parks.

Hytechnology also wants to export to concept to other countries and is looking for investors. “It will be a revenue share agreement,” says Tarroja. “We will provide the equipment, they provide the land.” A partner has already been found in Iran.

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