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FoodLoop at Europa-Park

Germany’s leading amusement park has an exciting new dining experience for 2011. FoodLoop provide an automated service with a fun twist as hungry Europa-Park guests receive their food and drink delivered by coaster rails.

When entering the new restaurant, which is located inside the park’s Historama exhibition, guests will find more than just tables and chairs in front of them. Each table is equipped with touchscreens for guests to order their food and drink, which is then dispatched down shiny steel tracks spiralling from above. The unique track layout features two loops and a vertical lift – you’d almost think it was a rollercoaster.

Michael Mack, Europa-Park’s manager of strategic business and operations – who two years ago helped realise the park’s first looping coaster – soon realised the potential for this unusual restaurant experience after reading about it in a newspaper.

“The rollercoaster theme is presented here in a new manner and turns into an unforgettable experience for the whole family,” notes Thomas Mack (pictured above), who oversees the park’s hotel and gastronomy operations. “We have paired this rollercoaster experience with a wide range of culinary offers with meat, fish and vegetarian dishes as well as snacks.”

FoodLoop features 215 seats across two floors, offering diners view out over the park paired with fascinating historical exhibits and artefacts. A showman’s wagon fitted out as a coffee bar provides room for an additional 20 guests and provides a special funfair atmosphere.

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