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FlyView launch VR flight over Paris

A new 15-minute VR experience is being offered by FlyView from March 31st. Guests will have the opportunity to see Paris’ monuments from a new aerial perspective without ever taking a foot off the ground.

The movie includes real 3D images that guide guests through the streets to see famous attractions such as Notre-Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower. VR headsets and dynamic platforms are used to create the feeling of flying through the air, and 50 custom-made simulators will cover 800 square-metres across two floors.

The FlyView experience was three years in the making, involving a team of 100 and a drone with seven board cameras for maximum visitor immersion.

Admission is €15 per person, and the ride is within walking distance from the Opéra Garnier, Paris.

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