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Fly By Wire for sale

Kiwi inventor retires

New Zealand inventor Neil Harrap of Fly by Wire International has reached retirement age and is offering to sell the patents that protect the Fly by Wire concept, a 200ft-high extreme ride capable of speeds over 95 mph.

Flying high over everything, the Fly by Wire ride is a highly visible extreme attraction that attracts wide attention. There have been over 100 television programmes featuring Fly by Wire, seen by over three billion people worldwide. The attraction is suspended from three lattice towers and can be installed in a variety of settings, including a ride in New Zealand over a canyon.
“Piloting the Fly by Wire plane suspended by a 3/8 inch diameter cable is described by our riders as the most exciting thing they have ever done,” notes Harrap.

The patent he is offering covers the ride in most European countries, the US, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Harrap feels the ride would be particularly suited to tourist areas in Spain and Portugal, as well as the UK.
A ride was recently sold to Fly by Wire South Africa (FBWSA), which will install the attraction in Cape Town early in 2009 and is currently investigating other African locations. A customer is also planning a ride in Whistler, British Columbia in Canada, location for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Fly by Wire is also exploring a portable system that will be transported on three trucks and be suitable for events or seasonal locations.

Premier Rides is Fly by Wire International’s exclusive North American agent, and Harrap will be at the company’s booth during the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2008 in Orlando. He promises to provide the patent buyers with full technical, engineering and operating support to help their success.

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