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FlowRider triple arrives

The latest addition to the FlowRider family, FlowRider Triple is the largest FlowRider yet, wide enough to accommodate up to three guests at once eager for the fun and challenge of surfing.

Riders of all ages can safely experience the thrill of both stand-up riding and bodyboarding no matter how far they are from the beach. The versatility of FlowRider means that no matter the rider’s skill level, there’s always the opportunity for a fun challenge, without thrill fatigue setting in. For the beginner, it might be staying on 10 seconds longer than their last try and for the expert, it could be dropping in and carving turns—all done with the confidence that the inflatable ride surface will be there to cushion every fall.

The same features that make FlowRider Triple safe and fun for guests are also the same features that help make an easy to operate and long-lasting attraction. As the largest of the FlowRider models, FlowRider Triple also offers the highest capacity with up to three simultaneous riders. In addition to the entirely inflatable ride surface, FlowRider Triple is surrounded by the Max Recovery System that features durable and virtually maintenance free pillow-like padding. This means safer falls for guests while minimising lifeguard fatigue when standing on it all day. The patented Nozzle Flaps allow for a reduced footprint and cost-effective civil works.

FlowRider Triple adds a unique skill-based attraction to a park, one that’s popular with the teen market and comes with an already-established fan base. FlowRider’s sheet wave technology creates once-in-a-lifetime moments for guests, from the feeling of accomplishment when a guest stands up on a board for the first time to watching a pro cut across the wave. They’re instantly shareable by guests on social and make inspiring images on the front page of a park’s web site.

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