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FlowRider Mobile

by WaveLoch

Now available from Wave Loch, the FlowRider Mobile, or “MoFlow”, is a portable version of the company’s FlowRider surfing attraction. It can be enjoyed anywhere that is accessible by road, whether that be a special event or perhaps as a guest attraction at an existing waterpark.

Occupying a 5.5 x 12.8-metre footprint, this “wave in a box” delivers 75,000 litres of water, flowing at 20mph and has already been a hit this summer at several events in Canada, where it was toured by Rick Davis Promotions.

The first stop was in Edmonton, Alberta, for Capital Ex, a nine-day extravaganza of music, rides, fun and food. Here the MoFlow offered realistic ocean thrills in an oil town 700 miles from the nearest coastline! Some of Canada’s best wakeboarders, snowboarders and skateboarders tried their skills on the surfing machine during the event. “It was basically just the raddest time,” remarked the eloquent Dan McBride.

After Edmonton, the attraction packed up and headed for Toronto, where it was featured at the Canadian National Exhibition, a 130-year-old national fair and the fourth largest in North America.

FlowRider Mobile boasts a capacity of 160-240 riders an hour and folds down onto a single trailer.

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