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Five new games from Bobs Space Racers

Bobs Space Racers (BSR) displayed five new games at the recent IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando. They include the Hang Time Challenge, an FEC model of Prize Wheels, a 4-in-1 Event Trailer, Portable Basketball, and Fried Frogs.


On the Hang Time Challenge, guests can test their strength and endurance in this popular timed hanging game. The game comes standard with adjustable play options and game modes. BSR has taken the classic hanging game and upgraded all aspects of it with a motor controlled bar height. There are no steps required! The bar will lifts the customer off the floor. Built-in sensors control bar height and start and stop the digital timer automatically. There are safety measures to protect the customer. There are electronically controlled sounds and spiels to draw customers to the game. There are operator and customer easy-play features, a built in accounting system to track players and revenue, and low maintenance with easy access components.


The three player FEC model of Prize Wheels features programmable options that the skill and ticket payout and attendant free game play. The game distributes the large two by four inch or standard tickets for game redemption.


The 4-in-1 Event Trailer seamlessly combines four unique games into one portable trailer. Standard games for the 4-in-1 Park Model Trailer includes a 6 Player Water Race Game, Short Range Basketball, Goblet Toss, and Balloon Bust, one game for every side of the trailer.


In Portable Basketball, guests must shoot the basketball and get three in a row to win. The structure comes standard with heavy-duty casters to make the game easy to move from one location to the next. The front counter and rear backboard collapse for easy storage. Standard prize bins are included to carry all the merchandise when moving the game.


Fried Frogs is a classic midway game enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The frogs open and close their mouths as they rotate on a platform which represents a kitchen frying pan or a pot. The skill consists in keeping the hook in the open mouth of the frog until it closes its mouth. By withdrawing the fishing rod, the frog is fished and the operator and player may establish if the frog fished has a prize inside its mouth or not. The prizes can be assigned according to the rules which are established for the game. The attraction consists of a hand-decorated fiberglass platform supported by a three-legged frame which folds up for easy transport and is run by a single phase motor. The game can be located indoor or outdoor: if in an outdoor location, the game should be covered as to protect it from the elements. The most common location is setting the game inside a round kiosk or small pavilion with roof. It is an individual or group (recommend no more than six players at a time) skill game where customers are given a pole to fish with. They then proceed to fish out a frog from the revolving table. There is an optional RFID version available complete with a built-in accounting system.

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