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First roller coaster in North America to go through a Ferris Wheel

Extreme Engineering has been contracted by Mega Parc (an Oxford Properties Group) to design and build the very first roller coaster in North America to go through a Ferris Wheel. Mega Parc, Quebec City, Canada, is a 30-year-old indoor amusement park that includes an infrastructure overhaul to support a new cast of rides in a football field-sized space. The attractions consist of the Cloud Coaster by Extreme Engineering, the world’s largest indoor ice skating rink, a hub-less Ferris Wheel from Larson International, and a total of 15 additional new attractions. Mega Parc will be investing $52 million into the park. The park has already begun construction and will extend over a period of 18 months during which mall shoppers will have access to a full lineup of temporary entertainment options.

Mega Parc’s theme is Steampunk, a western-futurist concept. Guests will be immersed into a surreal, 19th century experience where steam-powered machines, factories and steel take over the park. The focal point of the park will include the Cloud Coaster soaring guests through a hub-less Ferris Wheel. Riders will start 60 feet (18 m) above the ground and rocket across 405 feet (123 m) of track. The coaster will zoom in-and-out of a Ferris Wheel, providing a birds-eye view of the entire park. This particular coaster layout will include two lifts, travel speeds over 25 mph (40 kph) and a new cart design. The attraction expects to crank out over 120 riders per hour on a single rider format.

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