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First Polercoasters confirmed for Georgia and Florida

One of the industry’s most unique new amusement rides is coming to Georgia, USA, courtesy of US Thrill Rides, with a second unit now confirmed for Florida.

The first Polercoaster, designed by SkyCoaster inventor Bill Kitchen, will stand over 325ft tall at LakePoint Sporting Community in Emerson, north of Atlanta. A second sale has been revealed for a site in central Florida. At 525ft (160m), this particular installation will be the tallest rollercoaster.

According to US Thrill Rides president Michael Kitchen, the Florida sale has, “been contracted, the deposit has been received, and we are in the midst of track layout as we speak. We will have a full public disclosure soon.”

Two attractions in one, Polercoaster will providing a full coaster experience including multiple loops, barrel rolls and high G manoeuvres, coupled with an observation tower and restaurant/retail space. US Thrill Rides has assembled an accomplished team to design and build the attractions, including Alan Schilke, S&S-Sansei, Setpoint Engineerinfg, Celtic Engineering and Haskell Steel. The coasters will use S&S’ eight-seater El Loco trains.

Still under construction, LakePoint Sporting Community will feature state-of-the-art venues for 29 of America’s favourite youth sports, together with approximately 30 on-site hotels, restaurants, shops, office facilities and entertainment venues. The first phase is expected to debut in 2014, with the Polercoaster opening in 2015.

Pictured below: Bill Kitchen with son and US Thrill Rides’ president Michael Kitchen.


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