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Fear the Walking Dead Survival opens in Bali

Triotech’s newest media-based thrill attraction, ‘Fear the Walking Dead Survival,’ opened this month at Trans Studio Bali. ‘Fear the Walking Dead Survival’ is an immersive walkthrough attraction. Based on AMC’s top-rated series, the multi-sensory experience transports guests inside the world of a zombie apocalypse through an adventure that’s part thrill ride, part haunted house, part interactive motion ride.

“The unique element of this walkthrough experience is that it combines three distinct attractions in one unique adventure, all squeezed into a highly themed and immersive 400 square meter (4,306 sq ft) space,” said Nol Van Genuchten, Vice President Creative for Triotech.

The attraction features elaborate sets, immersive experiences, as well as high-tech interactive motion simulator technology. Sixteen guests per cycle can enter the approximatively ten-minute experience. Several groups will be staggered through the attraction. Upon entering the “Fear the Walking Dead Survival” experience, guests will find themselves in the setting of a military facility set amidst growing rumors of an unknown, epidemic outbreak. Guests will have to explore the inner workings of the facility, which includes three distinct thrill zones and various interactive experiences, to face their fears and protect their lives against a bloodthirsty hoard of the infected.

One of the scenes features Triotech’s exclusive illusio technology. It features the integration of interactivity to projection mapping on 3D objects. This attraction features the largest such deployment with a 16m wide by 5m high illusio interactive wall.

Trans Studio Bali, “the most instagrammable theme park in the world,” is the only indoor theme park in Bali, built on an area of 1.8 hectares. Trans Studio Bali presents 13 attractions and rides, spread over five different game zones, which can be enjoyed with friends and family. Trans Studio Bali was officially opened to the public in December 2019

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