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Fårup Sommerland opens new Vekoma Coaster ‘Saven’

Fårup Sommerland in Denmark officially inaugurated its new custom designed Family Boomerang Spirit called ‘Saven’ on Friday 5 June. Park world finds out what makes it so special. 

 “Our guests absolutely love Saven – especially in families with children from three to 10 years,” says Fårup Sommerland technical manager, Tue Albrektsen. Key elements of the Boomerang’s success are incorporated into this ride such as the forward/backward run, double use of track, compact footprint, imposing structure and high marketing value. This Family Boomerang Spirit is the perfect coaster for families who like to be thrilled. The unique layout and ride experience of riding forward and backward gives double fun!adds Vekoma sales manager, Stefan Holtman. 

The height restriction of 95cm and 4 years old makes this the perfect way for smaller children to experience a unique coaster ride. The wider bodies and individual lap bar innovation allow for parents to ride safely with their little children, or individuals riding alone in one coach, with increased comfort and safety. 

The ride has several exciting coaster elements with left-right swerving, sudden speed bursts, camel backs, a tunnel and water splash. With a maximum speed of 60km/h, 24 meter height and maximum gear of 2.8G, this ride offers enough excitement for children, teens and adults to create a great an unforgettable family experience. 

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