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Fantawild Wonderland has opened in China

Fantawild Holdings opened its latest park, Fantawild Wonderland, on 18 July in Xuzhou in Jiangsu Province, China. To celebrate the opening, invited guests and visitors joined the Fantawild team for an event filled with music and colourful decorations.

Over four billion RMB has been invested in this new park overall. In addition to 30 outdoor activities and more than 200 landscape designs, cafés, and stores, the park offers eight unique inside themed attractions. It combines food, travel, entertainment, and shopping in one place, and over three million people each year are anticipated to visit the park.

After Glorious Orient, Fantawild Wonderland is the second Fantawild park in Jiangsu Province. Through the exploration of stories, folklore, and regional customs, this new park showcases the charm of Chinese culture while using cutting-edge technology like spherical screens, augmented reality, and track rides.

On the opening day, the park was visited by many people. All-ages attractions like Let’s Fly, Song of the Wind, Dragon Palace Quest, River of Tales, and Cloud Shuttle were popular and the diverse offering of attractions was well received by guests.

Holographic imaging is used in the indoor theatre production Song of the Wind. The historical character Liu Bangre is shown turning to his homeland and reciting a well-known chant. Locals who visit have a strong connection to the performance. Another indoor theatre production, Dragon Palace Quest, has a spherical screen. Visitors can travel through time at this attraction while also exploring the deep sea and the sky.

Visitors enter the world of proverbs when they visit the River of Tales indoor boat ride, which features dreamlike scenes. Meanwhile, Let’s Fly, a flight simulation attraction, boasts a massive screen that spans five storeys, with moving hanging seats that move past beautiful images. Guests fly over picturesque scenery and historical landmarks while enjoying the vivid sensation of flying.

Visitors can also enjoy the classic Fantawild experience The Origin of Life. This 3D production is presented in a theatre with a big screen and shows the evolution of life on Earth.

The large-scale mixed reality ride, Magic Castle, uses tracked 3D film and virtual reality technology to create a fantastical world.

Families also enjoyed many of the Boonie Bears-themed rides on the park’s first day. Boonie Cubs offers a variety of kid-friendly amenities as well as a great location for parents to unwind while their young children play. Families can also have an action-packed adventure in the laser-zapping Bears’ Mission before unwinding in the Boonie Bears Theater.

For young adults, there are more adventurous attractions on offer, including Pine Tree Rocket, which takes inspiration from the Boonie Bears TV series, and Cloud Shuttle, a Vekoma roller coaster which can reach speeds of 100 km per hour. There is also Dragon Valley Drift, an adventure ride filled with mystery.

The park’s wide range of shops also gives guests the opportunity to purchase handicrafts and souvenirs with a touch of local culture, as well as Boonie Bears-themed merchandise.

At the end of the opening day, more than 1000 drones took to the night sky for a celebratory light show.

Last year, Fantawild’s FT Wild theme park opened to the public, which is the first of the company’s parks to be based on animation and sci-fi themes.

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