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Falcon’s unveils GameSuite Play System for Entertainment Venues

The newest addition to Falcon’s Creative Group’s expanding portfolio of patented and patent pending offerings is the GameSuite product, an immersive gaming environment for friends and families to play, lounge, and connect. Each GameSuite system combines an enveloping game bay and an adjoining lounge area, where the experience can dynamically rotate between play and lounge.

GameSuite gameplay ecosystem is a fusion of modern play, immersive atmosphere, and social connectivity. It’s a new way to party. Each GameSuite gameplay ecosystem comes equipped with the latest technology and customised gameplay solutions. The fun and fluid experience dynamically unfolds with the party, rotating between play and lounge. Groups can take turns playing solo or in teams, choosing from a wide variety of built-in cooperative and competitive games or exclusive original titles.

Intuitive, revolutionary methods have been developed to make each experience unique. When lounging, guests can actively engage with the players through touch screen controls or just cheer them on, all while keeping tabs on the stats and leaderboard. While playing, guests are immersed in an environment that offers rich content, dynamic lighting, and digital surround sound.

GameSuite gameplay ecosystems are packed with fun options for everyone, no matter their gaming ability or overall mobility. The proximity of the observation lounge to the playing area helps encourage participation. Guests waiting their turn can indulge in the sophisticated lounging environment and enjoy easy-ordering food and beverage service.

GameSuite gameplay ecosystem serves as a fully inclusive, immersive, commercial product, offering a conglomeration of social interaction and advanced technology. It can be offered as a stand-alone bay or multiple bays organized in different configurations for a variety of venues, such as arenas, theme parks, or any location-based entertainment center. The various setups can be scaled to accommodate the footprint of any facility in which it is integrated.

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