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Falcon’s Creative Group announces ÄEONXP Ecosystem

Falcon’s Creative Group has released details for its latest game-changing product offering, a user-interfacing application said to represent a first-of-its-kind in the themed entertainment industry.

The ÄEONXP ecosystem redefines traditional brick and mortar entertainment by introducing guests to multifaceted levels of engagement that allow them to personalise their experiences across theme parks, live events, branded destinations, location-based entertainment venues, or individual attractions. A key feature is its ability to be networked across multiple sites and experiences, connecting guests to a larger universe of play and possibility.

Engaging with this proprietary software allows guests to partake in a more immersive and gamified world where their choices and behaviour create player agency and the ability for extended role-playing as their customised avatar even beyond the venue itself. Each interaction that guests have with an ÄEONXP powered attraction or experience is tracked in real-time and can react to the player’s behaviour. A guest’s performance and preferences can even influence or alter the narrative trajectory of their experiences in the venue, which encourages repeatability and infinite possibilities. ÄEONXP profiles allow for the ability to unlock a treasure trove of personalised experiences, upgrades, and rewards. The more an individual engages with the application, the more they will be able to enhance their experience, both on-site and at home.

Outside of the entertainment venue, guests have the ability to review their rankings, earn additional points, update their profiles, evolve their avatars, and unlock new tools, abilities, aesthetics, and lore to enjoy during their next visit. They may also redeem the points they’ve earned for physical or digital rewards.

“The ÄEONXP ecosystem represents the ultimate combination of attraction design, multiplayer gaming, and immersive cross-platform storytelling,” said Cecil D. Magpuri, president and chief creative officer of Falcon’s. “In a way, it’s a hybrid solution because it directly benefits owners and operators as well as guests who seek a more personalised experience.”

The ÄEONXP platform provides venue operators an easily deployable software solution that drives a branded experience, providing valuable data and analytics on guests’ habits and engagement, giving owners a holistic snapshot that they can use to continue to develop personalised rewards and incentives. These insights also foster optimisation and activation of other revenue sources throughout venues.

Each deployment of the ÄEONXP ecosystem is customised and branded for each client as a seamless extension of their immersive entertainment experience. Katmandu Parks has recently committed to activating the ÄEONXP ecosystem for their existing and upcoming developments around the globe.

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