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Extreme Engineering unveils all-new roller coaster cart and adventure parks.

Extreme Engineering has introduced an all-new Cloud Coaster roller coaster cart, over twelve new attractions, new adventure parks, and new roller coaster locations.

The Cloud Coaster has come a long way since its first debut in 2015. Today Extreme Engineering has four locations installed with three more projects pending for 2019. The new Cloud Coaster’s cart utilises all of the same features you expect to find in a “Class 1” roller coaster cart. “Our new coaster cart has tons of new features such as an electronic safety release, locking lap bars and an ergonomic seat design,” states Wilson.

Extreme Engineering’s latest Cloud Coaster project will be located at an iconic location in Asia. It will be the largest roller coaster project to date, providing a one-of-a-kind family experience, soaring guests high above crows with drops, sharp turns and quick speeds.

Extreme Engineering now offers a dozen new attractions for 2018, including complete adventure parks. “Our creative and engineering team were busy this year. Not only did we design 12 new attractions, we actually brought them to market and delivered them to several clients nationwide,” states Matt Rehnstrom, V.P. of Sales. Some of Extreme Engineering’s new lineup includes a low level zipline, a Warped Wall parktour experience, a geometric climbing wall called “GeoWall,” and a new attraction called “Ant Farm” which is climbable words that allow clients to make their brand interactive.

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