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eXP Maven launches with fresh insights and data for experiential destinations

Following a 22-year career in the amusement and theme park industry Nathan Jones is excited about his latest venture and launch of eXP Maven.

Jones has established himself as an impactful executive in the attractions industry holding senior executive positions with WhiteWater, Vekoma Rides, Brogent Technologies, and most recently CAVU Designwerks. These roles have varied from business development to President to COO over last two decades.

“Through the years and around the globe, I saw firsthand how new and established destinations struggled to quantify their guests’ experiences,” explains Jones. “Exit surveys, email campaigns, and other scorecard techniques give only a small insight into what a guest experience actually is. What we were searching for and ultimately developed was an advanced learning tool that looked at every single touchpoint that a guest has within a destination. We take all of these inputs and produce an Experiential Quotient. This roadmap provides real-time data feedback for existing destinations and daylights blind spots for developing operators just starting in the conceptual phase bringing forward real world solutions for implementation.”

As the democratization of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to forge ahead in diverse sectors the adaptation of AI in the amusement industry planning process has been slow to non-existent. New technologies coupled with real world experience positions eXP Maven to deliver authentic, rich experiences for their clients.

Closing the gap between AI within destinations versus utilizing AI for destination experience planning is where eXP Maven will be providing value for their clients. While innovation and creativity will continue to thrive and lead the way for the next generation of destinations, eXP Maven is bringing analytical expertise to clients in order to refine the planning and implementation process.

Through planning, design, and delivery for some of the world’s largest operators Jones brings the expertise and a bold vision for how guests can experience destination attractions in the future adding, “I am excited,” notes Jones, “by the opportunity to push the boundaries of analytical design and provide a quantifiable voice to guest experiences.”

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