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Exotics Racing launches Vegas Superkarts

Vegas Superkarts (VSK) by Exotics Racing is the brand-new go-kart attraction, offering a true racing experience. Las Vegas locals, families, and visitors can drive the new fleet of 4-stroke, gas-powered Sodikart SR5 270 CCs on the city’s longest, widest and fastest outdoor go-kart racetrack.

“We created this experience because go-karts are just pure fun and it’s representative of who we are,” beamed David Perisset, co-founder, Vegas Superkarts by Exotics Racing. “This experience is nothing like you’ve seen before – our fleet of go-karts reach top of speeds of over 40 mph (64 kph) around a track with a variety of straightaways and technical turns. Vegas Superkarts races are also offered at a great price which makes it ideal for groups and families looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience.”

The Sodikart SR5 4-stroke gas engine go-kart is more powerful than the average electric, indoor kart. VSK selected this model to provide guests a fast-paced, professional go-kart racing experience on a purpose-built racetrack. The Sodikart SR5 features innovative technology such as a 2D adjustable pedal, where drivers can easily adjust the distance to the pedals to themselves and a full floor covering. Drivers must be at least 14-years-old and 55 inches (140 cm) tall. The Sodikart 2Drive offers two seats, enabling passengers who at least 42 inches (107 cm) tall to ride.

Designed by Exotics Racing Co-Founder Romain Thievin specifically for go-karts, the 2,100 foot (640 m) long outdoor asphalt track includes 14 turns and sharp hairpins, fast acceleration straightaways, and professional safety barriers.

Before guests arrive to the track, they may download the Vegas Superkarts app via iPhone and Android. The app features online registration and live rankings which enable guests to compare their times and ranks against past drivers’ records. From there, a safety briefing video is presented to instruct guests what to expect. Once they receive their helmets, it’s time to drive. Guests and passengers make their way out to the purpose-built racetrack where they strap in and prepare for their race. Up to 12 go-karts can simultaneously be on the track. VSK is the only track in Las Vegas to participate in the Sodi World Series (SWS), which hosts go-kart races throughout the year and around the world within the SWS’ network of tracks.

Vegas Superkarts is located next to Exotics Racing, the world’s largest supercar driving experience, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. With a shared lobby and EXR Café and Restaurant, once go-kart races conclude, Vegas Superkarts guests may access Exotics Racing’s pit lane to race supercars, such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and more race around a separate 1.2-mile-long racetrack.

Romain Thievin, co-founder, Vegas Superkarts by Exotics Racing, concludes, “Where else can you race go-karts and then drive supercars? The sounds, the thrills, the excitement. It’s all in one place.”

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