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Evil Knievel rides again at Six Flags St Louis

Six Flags St Louis, Eureka, Missouri, will open Evel Knievel, a $7 million compact wooden coaster in mid-2008. Built by Great Coasters International (GCI), it will be the park’s third woodie – the only one in the state with that number. The park will also become the only venue in the world with two different coasters featuring double down drops, a rare but adrenaline-inducing thrill element.

The 2,700ft Evel Knievel ride experience begins with an 80ft first drop at a 90-degree left turn angle, which is answered with a 55ft double down drop. This is followed by 16 hills with camelbacks, a 40ft fan curve and multiple high-banked turns at up to 67-degree angles. Standing 82ft tall and travelling 50mph, the intense coaster crosses over itself an incredible 14 times while making frequent and tight directional changes.

Paying tribute to 69-year-old daredevil motorcyclist of the same name, Evel Knievel, will boast two 24-passenger GCI ‘Millennium Flyer’ trains.

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