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Everland expands

Rides and waterpark additions galore

South Korea’s largest theme park, Samsung Everland in Yougin, has this season added an Intamin wooden coaster, Mondial Top Scan (pictured) and a host of new attractions at its Caribbean Bay waterpark.

T Express is Korea’s first ever wooden coaster. The Intamin ride features an awesome 77-degree first drop, while Let’s Twist (the Top Scan) is an awesome attraction featuring Mondial’s mighty “windmill” motion.
New additions for 2008 at the Caribbean Bay include the Bommerango, on which riders are shot high up a wall, to a pause, then back down to earth with a moment of weightlessness as they coast over a hump and into the splash pool below. The Master Blaster, Whitewater’s well-known water coaster attraction, features plenty of drops, water jets and banked curves, while the Family Raft Ride offers loads of “wall time” with steep drops and turns. Each raft can accommodate up to six people.
Everland boasts the largest year-round waterpark in the world, and one of the best attended, boasting 1.4 million guests annually. It features completely themed indoor and outdoor components. The recent expansion was developed in association HHCP Design International from Florida, which worked closely with Whitewater to maintain a Spanish/Caribbean theme throughout.

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