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Europa-Park Resort launches Halloween celebrations

From October 1 to November 6, witches, ghosts and other monsters will gather once again to celebrate Halloween at the Europa-Park Resort.

With 180,000 pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, 15,000 chrysanthemums, 6,000 corn plants, 3,000 bales of straw and more than 100,000 autumn flowers in their beds, the 15 European themed areas shine as an enchanting and colourful autumn landscape. Thick cobwebs and eerily beautiful music in every corner of Europa-Park ensure the perfect Halloween atmosphere.

Halloween specials at Germany’s Largest Theme Park

In addition to the spooky decoration, numerous other highlights promise truly terrifying moments in Europa-Park. In Holland, the ‘Koffiekopjes’ transform into the ‘Griezelkopjes’ with fog, lightning and spooky music. Things are also happening in the Spanish themed area, as on Halloween the carriages of the ‘Feria Swing’ attraction invite you to ‘Flight of the Vampires’.

The 300 international Europa-Park artists also offer breath-taking entertainment. When the musicians take to the Italian Open Air stage on Halloween, their performance is to die for, as some songs of history survive time; and it is precisely these hits that are given new life by the Europa-Park Ensemble of the Undead in the show ‘Immortal Legends – a Musical Cemetery’.

Just next door, the illusion artist Vincent Vignaud casts a spell over the audience in the new show ‘Darkness’. Guests can expect a breathtaking mix of dance and magic that blurs the lines between reality and illusion.

For enthusiastic Halloween fans, the ice show ‘Surpr’ice with the Celtic Shadows’ is just the thing. Ravenous vampires and dancing skeletons create a gloomy atmosphere in the Greek themed area. A spooky game of life and death plays out in the new Halloween show ‘Checkmate’ at the Globe Theatre. From 29th October, the fountain, laser and fire show ‘Hellfire Fountains’ also promises an impressive performance on the lake surrounding the new attraction ‘Josefina’s Imperial Magic Journey’. In Iceland, the ‘Niflheim’ daily maze takes brave guests aged 12 and over into a spooky world with live actors.

A particularly special highlight this year is the daily parade, in which dark figures and eerie creatures creep along, scaring all guests in their path. In particular, the littlest of horror fans can look forward to the scarily beautiful Halloween village in the French themed area, with its own children’s labyrinth at the music pavilion.

Autumn also finds its place at Europa-Park from a culinary point of view. Whether a creamy pumpkin soup, delicious ‘SCARY burgers’ or fiery ‘Chilli Cheese Fries’, the Halloween season offers plenty of culinary delights.


‘Traumatica’ – the ultimate thrill

At this year’s ‘Horror Nights – Traumatica’, guests at the Festival of Fear will experience a truly post-apocalyptic fairground. The faces of macabre clowns lurk in the darkness, as circus monsters and the undead roam the night and five individually designed horror mazes invite you to a carnival of horrors. In addition to the five horror mazes, there is also a special kind of spooky circus as well as the illusion ride ‘Cassandra’s Curse’. If you’re still in the mood for great beats and delicious drinks after all the scary action, the ‘Vampire’s Club’ is the perfect location for you. It opens at 11pm on selected days.

Those who are looking for an extra dose of adrenaline will find it at YULLBE GO ‘Traumatica’. In this unique experience, participants become the protagonists of their very own horror film. Separate from ‘Traumatica – Festival of Fear’, brave guests can experience the terrifying virtual spectacle at YULLBE, located next to the ‘Krønasår’ hotel.

SWR3 Halloween-Party

Attention ghosts and vampires of the night: On October 31, Germany’s biggest Halloween party will take place once again in Europa-Park. From 10pm to 2am, various SWR3 DJs will get lovers of dance moving at different locations in Europa-Park. A range of music from top hits to rock creates a relaxed party atmosphere. For adrenaline fans, selected rides are open longer on this evening.

‘Eatrenalin’ – New dimensions of dining

Eatrenalin, the futuristic gastronomic event concept opens in Rust, situated between the hotel ‘Krønasår’ and the VR attraction YULLBE. This unique gourmet delight was initiated by the managing partner of Europa-Park, Thomas Mack, and the gastronomy expert Oliver Altherr. Guests can look forward to a culinary journey for all of the senses, in which the strengths of the Baden family business are brought together in a way that has never been seen before. Eatrenalin combines the patented Floating Chair from MACK Rides, virtual media from MACK Animation and MackNeXT, as well as the gastronomic expertise of top Spanish chef Pablo Montoro.

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