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Europa-Park ranks second in large scale global study

Europa-Park has ranked second in a large-scale global study of the hospitality and leisure industries. 650 companies across the leisure ecosystem were rated: restaurants, hotels, cruise liners, theme parks, fitness facilities and movie chains. For the first time, the comprehensive scientific study of the UK-based consultancy OC & C, which is based in the UK, provides the deepest insights into how companies can leverage the leisure factor.

Over 40,000 consumers from different countries were surveyed about their usage behaviour and their opinion of the world’s largest hospitality and leisure brands. The study covers eight countries: China, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Turkey and the USA.

The OC & C Fundex (Fun + Index = Fundex) is the largest survey in the hospitality and leisure industry, providing clear insights into what makes a memorable guest experience. The results include some “Fun Facts”: fans of amusement parks are generally better off – they even have more fun with everyday activities (such as a coffee break) than contemporaries who prefer to leave roller coasters to the left. In Europe,  Europa-Park is in first place, followed by companies like Steigenberger Hotels, Aida Cruises or Motel One.

Highly interesting are the success factors of the best companies. The scientists have found that the winners of the study consistently focus on the customer, never losing sight of the fundamentals of their business, and delivering a fantastic experience that is distinctive, memorable, authentic, and shared with others. At a time when younger generations are less loyal to the brand, it is more important than ever to reinforce the desire to repeat through a carefully planned guest experience.

Europe Park owner Roland Mack: “Such an international scientific study makes us proud, because each of us works very hard every day on these success factors.”

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