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Energylandia launches new coaster

The construction of Abyssus began in October of 2019. A double launch coaster, it will be capable of reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h within seconds. The total combined driving forces are said to be equal to 3824 kW, which is the equivalent of 5210 KM, or as much as 7 Formula1 engines.

Abyssus will stand at a height of over 38 metres, over a track of 1316m and with four inversions, will take riders on a breathtaking journey. “The adrenaline levels rise right from the start, as the coaster reaches astonishing speed in mere seconds. Yet, there is still more to come. Once the coaster begins losing speed from the initial launch, it’s going to be propelled again. For those who love floating amid the clouds, the manufacturers prepared unbelievable weightlessness effects as well as unexpected gravity and many water effects, such as waterfalls, lakes and fountains,” said a spokesperson.

This impressive structure has been designed by Vekoma, a Dutch industry leader. The cars (which fit up to 16 passengers at a time) and arrangement of the Abyssus take after an ancient, sunken city of Atlantis. The entire infrastructure of the new roller coaster will be submerged in water, however, the creators guarantee that it is constructed in such a way that it would be impossible to get wet.

The components of the mighty Abyssus structure have been manufactured in the Netherlands, Czechia, Slovakia, Germany and the US, among others. The finished roller coaster will consist of 90,500 parts. The weight of the entire structure will be 815 tonnes, and each car shall weigh nearly 7000 kg.

At the current stage, the structure has been 80% assembled. Works in progress include the preparation of the electrical system, and the construction of the station from which the Guests of Energylandia will be able to access our new sensational ride.

Aqualantis – the Kingdom of the Ocean

Aqualantis is yet another part of the Park, which is being developed on the area of 6 hectares, surrounding the new Abyssus coaster. Over 200 specialists are involved in the creation of this new, 6th zone of Energylandia. The team working on this project consists of highly qualified experts, including engineers, constructors, assemblers, mountaineers, electricians as well as builders of various trades: carpenters, steel fixers, bricklayers, in addition to drivers and heavy equipment operators (for excavators, bulldozers, or cranes). Technical oversight is provided by a team of 14 engineers. The day of completion of the core and shell stage for the buildings in the new zone is “near” said the park. So far, 13 640 m3 of concrete, 2815 tonnes of enforcement steel, and 40 000 tonnes of aggregate have been used for the construction of various elements, safety infrastructure and roads. The massive amounts of materials used reflect the spectacular scale of this project.

The story plot of the new zone has been inspired by the ancient city of Atlantis. The inhabitants of this wondrous land lived in wealth and harmony with the sea. However, the city has been sunken by a giant wave, and the kingdom has fallen to the bottom of the ocean for ages. Fortunately, the ruins have been discovered by brave explorers who built a pump station to recover the lost city. Now our time has come to enter the land of the oceans! The streets resemble an ancient kingdom with ruins, and everything has been executed with all due diligence. In Aqualantis, the whole family will be able to enjoy the multitude of attractions, such as a boat expedition to a mysterious lagoon, Aquajump shows as well as the new model of the Disco Coaster. Foodies will be thrilled with the opportunity to visit the spectacular banquet hall of the former Atlantis, which will now serve as a restaurant for famished explorers. There will also be plenty of shops and attractions for the youngest guests.

Aqualantis opens a new chapter in the development and theming of new zones at Energylandia. Jora Vision is responsible for the design, visual setting, and story-telling of the new development.

15 roller coasters in 5 years

Energylandia Amusement Park in Zator boasts 15 roller coasters already. They have been built in the span of only 5 years, and each of them possesses completely different parameters and riding characteristics.



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