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Energylandia announces opening of new zone Aqualantis

Polish theme park Energylandia is preparing for the grand opening of its sixth zone: Aqualantis.

Covering almost 6 hectares, Aqualantis has a number of exciting attractions. Themed as the ancient city of Atlantis, Energyland’s guests explore the streets of the ocean kingdom, leading them to flagship attraction Abyssus roller coaster, family fun at the EKIPA Light Explorers ride, several smaller merry-go-rounds for younger guests, and tonewly opened food and relaxation areas.

The grand opening of the Aqualantis zone is scheduled for 14 July, which is Energylandia’s seventh birthday. Visitors will be able to celebrate another year of the Park’s operation and get to know a completely new, yet undiscovered zone.

The main attraction of Aqualantis is the Double Launch Coaster Abyssus. The machine consists of 90,500 parts, which equals the number of fragments that make up about 8 passenger cars. The sizeable coaster reaches 38 metres in height and 1,316 meters of travel.

Abyssus is equipped with two magnetic LSM launchers providing an attractive train acceleration system and shaping the driving dynamics, thanks to the use of a control system for boosting engines. This guarantees an excellent level of passenger comfort and an unforgettable driving experience. The coaster, weighing almost 7 tons, accelerates to 100 km / h with 5 inversions, providing an exciting ride for 16 people at the same time. Although Abyssus is located in the heart of the oceanic land, and its construction resembles a pump, despite the water landscape and gushing water, none of the passengers of the flagship will be wet. Abyssus is a completely new type of attraction, the premiere of which, along with the entire Aqualantis zone, will take place on the seventh anniversary of Energylandia.

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