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El Toro

Freizeitpark Plohn in Germany officially opened its first wooden coaster on April 10. Representing a €5 million investment, El Toro (The Bull) is a big deal for this little park in Lengenfeld, Saxony.

Built by Great Coasters International (GCI), the ride was brokered by local agent Dirk Engelhardt and features a maximum height of 24.5 metres. The coaster features a relatively low profile but has been constructed so that it integrates with the surrounding rides and landscape. An added thrill is provided courtesy of two tunnels along the 725-metre circuit. One GCI Millennium Flyer train is used, reaching a top speed of almost 73 km/h.
“El Toro is fantastic,” says coaster enthusiast Lutz Kondering. “It’s built perfectly into the park. Riding is better than we expected (and our expectations were high): Speed, lots of airtime and real smooth turns in a not too twisty track. We were surprised how much floating airtime this ‘young’ coaster delivers.”

More photos in the May issue of Park World.

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