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Efteling’s Python roller coaster re-opens to visitors

EFTELING - Vandaag opende rood kapje de nieuwe baan van de Python. FOTO LEVIN DEN BOER

Efteling’s 37-year-old roller coaster has been almost entirely dismantled and reconstructed over 12 weeks of maintenance, completing the €4.5M renovation.

The Python has retained its familiar appearance, with its loops, double corkscrew, and helix undergoing restoration. The course has also been optimised according to modern standards, ensuring a smoother ride on a track with fewer angular corners and rounder shapes in the corkscrew.

“At Efteling, we like to build for eternity and the Python roller coaster with loops is certainly a part of that future,” said Fons Jurgens, chairman of Efteling’s board of directors. “Many guests have special memories of the Python, and we want future generations to be able to look back upon their rides on the roller coaster in the same manner. It’s great to see again how the first children at the entrance judge whether they are tall enough.”

The Python coaster was first introduced in 1981, and was the largest coaster at Efteling and the European mainland.

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