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Efteling mines Dutch history for new coaster name


Opening in summer 2015, Efteling’s new dive coaster will be called Baron 1898.

The Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) construction will be augmented with a rich back story taking visitors back to the age of the Dutch mining industry, in the late 19th Century. Riders will assume the role of mineworkers and experience a 37.5-metre freefall down a mineshaft at a speed exceeding 90km/h.

The famous Dutch park in Katsheuvel, near Tilburg, is committing around €18 million to the project. Find out more about the construction and theming of the coaster in a series of ‘Making of’ films available via the Efteling YouTube channel.

“There are three clear reasons why Efteling has chosen a dive coaster,” says Efteling CEO and chairman Fons Jurgens “In order to achieve our projected growth, an expansion of our current range of attractions is necessary. In addition, within the extended family target group, on which Efteling normally focuses, there is room for an attraction specifically targeted at teenagers. Finally, a dive coaster is an exciting and unusual thrill ride in Europe, which continues to set Efteling apart from other leading European theme parks. Baron 1898 is an excellent combination of steel and a story”.

The legend goes that a greedy mining baron discovered a vein of gold in the south of the Netherlands. He wanted to extract as much gold as he could from the ground but the fertile soil was under the protection of the Wittie Wieven (White Women). Mining baron Gustave Hooghmoed called upon his mineworkers to help him, promising them mountains of gold. During the ride it becomes clear that the Wittie Wieven will do everything in their power to sabotage the gold mining. An enthralling experience surely awaits Efteling guests in 2015!

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