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Drievliet goes ‘5D’

As reported recently in Park World, Dutch family park Drievliet is to add the 3D film Curse of Skullrock. We have since learned that the accompanying theatre by Simworx will feature “5D” effects seats.

The project will convert the park’s old Cine 180 building with the addition of grandstand seating, a Christie HD 3D projection system, 3D screen and surround sound. The seats will feature multi-directional movement (the 5th “D”), along with a range of special effects including leg ticklers, air blast, water spray and aroma. The outside of the building will be themed by Jora Vision as part of its ongoing improvemnt work at the park.

“We are currently enjoying a great deal of success in various parts of the world with our theatres,” notes Simworx managing director Terry Monkton. “The Drievliet installation is another example of us being able to provide a full turnkey theatre.”

Produced by Red Star Studio, Curse of Skull Rock is a humorous, 12-minute tale featuring the animated character Captain Scabb.

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