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Drayton’s 4D pirate invasion!

Drayton Manor’s eagerly-awaited 4D effects theatre by Simworx was unveiled to the general public March 21. The popular UK park opened the attraction in time for the start of the 2009 season, allowing guests to enjoy the effect-laden film Curse of Skullrock by Red Star Studios.

The new attraction is housed inside a revamped Television Theatre, adjoining which is a new look café and retail buildings. The 152-seat attraction represents an investment of £1million ($1.4m/E1.1m) for Drayton Manor and is reached via an Art Deco style entrance. A 9-minute film acts as a pre-show before visitors pass into the main theatre to enjoy the film.

In the 12-minute 4D movie, Captain Scabb and his unwitting crew go in their search of the legendary lost treasure of Skull Rock. High definition 3D projection is complemented by a series of special effects by Simworx including vibrating seats, air blast, leg ticklers, water spray, low smoke, bubbles, aroma and special lighting. A Halloween and Christmas film are also planned later in the year.

“We are particularly pleased to have installed a new attraction with so much input from UK companies,” notes Drayton Manor managing director Colin Bryan. “As well as Simworx and Red Star, we also used Space Leisure, another UK company, for the exterior of the building.”
Indeed, the new theatre is expected to act as an unofficial showroom for Simworx, whose headquarters in Kingswinsford are just 30 miles away.

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