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Does your region’s ride regulatory agency provide the right amount of inspection?

Steve Cook, Gold Reef City, South Africa: The Occupational Health and Safety legislation in South Africa does apply to amusement parks and attractions, but is of general application. There is, however, no dedicated or specific legislation governing amusement rides and devices. We therefore comply with our obligations in terms of the health and safety regulations – but as a matter of course we also follow what is considered best practice in the industry globally, as these requirements are more focused and specific. Detailed and rigorous inspection is carried out by appropriately qualified independent experts on a regular basis.

Caroline Maessen, Toverland, Holland: The company we work with is called DNG, they inspect to a national standard. For the first three years of our park we worked with another company and I started to get nervous because I had a feeling they did not know enough. We have used DNV since 2004 and I have great faith in their people, they were here yesterday inspecting out play area, I watched them and they were very detailed. I am very satisfied with how they are taking care of us, how they are asking questions and feel a responsibility together with us to have everything tip top.

Steve Pastusak, Jolly Roger Amusement Park, USA: Yes. We have a very good relationship with the State of Maryland and in that relationship they have a good core of inspectors that know a lot about amusement rides and have been doing inspections for a long time. The State inspects us once a year and we also bring in insurance inspectors, plus we have a NAARSO Level III instructor who is part of our staff.

Donnie Mills, Busch Gardens Europe and Water Country USA: In addition to our own strict safety procedures, daily ride inspections and maintenance checks, the industry is regulated by state and local authorities. Independent state-licensed inspectors conduct periodic safety reviews as required by Virginia law. We work closely with state and local inspectors to meet our common goal of guest safety. Our parks have excellent safety records.

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