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Disneyland helps guests with visual impairment

Guests with visual disabilities at Disneyland Resort, California, can now become more fully immersed into the resort’s attractions and storytelling through a new audio description service.

A wireless-enabled handheld device provides audio describing elements such as actions, settings and scene changes. It works seamlessly with existing show audio and is available at nearly 20 attractions at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.

For example, a guest experiencing Haunted Mansion would hear the following after boarding a ride vehicle: “Our doom buggy rotates and we face backward. To our left, a knight’s armour guards an endless hallway. On our right, wilted flower arrangements surround a coffin. An eerie light escapes as bony hands push up the lid.”

“The Disneyland Resort welcomes millions of diverse visitors each year, and we are committed to making the Disney tradition of rich storytelling available to everyone,” highlights Betty Appleton, who oversees the resort’s programme for guests with disabilities.

Audio description is one of three services available on the handheld device (pictured), a palm-sized wireless unit developed by Disney engineers in 2002. Handheld captioning, for instance, displays text in specific attractions and areas, while users with hearing disabilities can benefit from amplified audio. The device is available free to eligible Disney guests.

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