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Dinosaurs lurk in AR park Jurrassic Island

Huis Ten Bosch theme park, located on the shores of Omura bay in the Saikai prefecture of Nagasaki, Japan, has announced the launch of an augmented reality experience that allows guests to do battle with dinosaurs in a realistic outdoor setting, reminiscient of the hit film franchise.

Located on an ‘uninhabited island’, just off the coast from Huis Ten Bosch and named ‘Jurassic Island’, visitors wear AR goggles and walk through the forest, participating in an AR shooting game and engaging with dinosaurs that appear over the AR scope. “Due to the fusion of the rifle type gun and the latest AR technology, we enter a world of surprisingly real dinosaurs,” said a company spokesperson.

According to Huis Ten Bosch, the theming has been designed to make visitors feel as if they are truly on an island untouched by human hands. A walking tour of the island itself and a rest facility allow guests to appreciate the beautiful natural surroundings and the ocean.

Set to open at the end of April, Jurrassic Island covers  about 39,000 square meters and is reached via a 40-minute ferry ride with a capacity of 150 people.




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